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Karachi Development Authority (KDA) was established in 1957 by merging Karachi Improvement Trust and Karachi joint Water Board under the President Order No.5 of 1957. The Notification was published in the Gazette of Pakistan dated: 13.12.1957. 

KDA was responsible for Water Supply System of Karachi and Building Control  Management but after establishment of Karachi Water & Sewerage Board and Sindh Building Control Authority the KDA is now responsible for the following functions:- 

O    Planning, Coordination and rendering Planning advice.

O    Land Development

O    Housing (Public Housing Scheme, Low Cost Housing

O     Roads & Bridges 


  O    Redevelopment 

  O    Manufacturing of Pipes 

  O    Design Bureau 

  O    Anti Encroachment and Resettlement 

  O    Research and Publication 

  O    Horticulture - Parks & Recreation 

  O    Computerization of Land Record, Accounting System. 

  O    Archiving of Land Record. 

  O    Land Acquisition 

  O    Charged Parking 


The KDA has been responsible for tremendous achievements since 1957 which have been appreciated nationally and internationally. In fact it is the mother of all Development Authorities of Pakistan. KDA has developed about 7 lacs plots in 45 Schemes out of which 4 Schemes (Shah Latif Town, Hawksbay, Taiser Town & Halkani town) were transferred to Malir and Lyari Development Authorities in 1993. 

The KDA was merged with City District Government Karachi in 2002. Now the Government of Sindh has restored the KDA in its original position vide Provincial Assembly of Sindh Notification No: PAS/Legis-B-06/2016, dated: 11.05.2016, Karachi Development Authority (Revival & Amending) Act, 2016 - Sindh Act No. XVI of 2016. All the policy matters and important cases are dealt with / decided by the Governing Body of the Authority.

The Government of Sindh has constituted the Governing Body vide Local  Government & Housing, Town Planning Department, Sindh Notification No: SO(G)/HTP /3-442/2016, dated: 29.09.2016. The present Governing Body of KDA consists of the following:-

     O    Minister. L.G. & HTP Deptt, Govt of Sindh                  Chairman

     O    Member Provincial Assembly                                    Member

     O    Member Provincial Assembly                                    Member

     O    Secretary, L.G. & HTP Deptt, Govt of Sindh                Member  

     O    Commissioner, Karachi                                           Member

     O    Director General, KDA.                                            Member / Secretary

     O    Member Technical, KDA.                                          Member

     O    Member Finance, KDA                                             Member

     O    Member Admin, KDA                                               Member

At the time of establishment of KDA the main function of the Authority was to develop Karachi city. The population of city at the time of establishment was about 1.6 million which has now increased about     22 million hence there is great need to develop more Schemes in the city but the KDA is not a position to play its role as no vacant land is available with KDA for meeting the housing need of Karachi. However, the Authority is doing its best to provide facilities to the citizen of Karachi




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